Loaded Up and Truckin’

It’s no secret. At the end of the day, we all want to save money. So, naturally, bottom-line price is often a major determining factor in choosing what kind of mats – or mat company for that matter. But consider this: what are your freight costs?

It’s easy to get caught up in the purchase price or rental rate on your mats and get excited, assuming that’s all you’re paying. But if you don’t see a line item for freight, make sure you ask! Trucking is often expensive, and if you’re renting, you’ll be paying that price twice. That’s why, for transparency, Select Mat always clearly lists freight costs on our free quotes, so our clients can take it into account when considering their options.

Because freight tends to have such a large impact on final price, it should also play a role in the mats you choose. For example, if composite mats are suitable for a job you had originally earmarked for timber mats, you’ll be able to fit approximately 40 composites on a truck compared to around 8 timber mats – saving you a ton of money on the backend. Your Select Mat representative will be able to walk you through which mats you need to ensure you can save the most money and still get the job done right.

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