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Select Mat is a full-service construction mat provider. We offer construction mat for sale to to the entire Continental United States. We serve all construction industries, specializing in pipeline and T&D projects.

Our selection includes all construction mat types, including composite mats, crane mats, and timber mating. We also provide construction mat for rent as well as mat leasing on select products. 

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Fast Mat Installation and Removal

One area that sets Select Mat apart is our focus on speed. We focus on delivering quick quotes for construction mats so that you can get started on your project ASAP. 

We also provide a personal project manager when we are hired for installation on projects exceeding 1,000 mud mats. Our project managers will come to your location and ensure outstanding installation and removal so that your project gets started immediately with safe and efficient access for your machines.

Avoid costly delay fees. Save money on overtime and hotel costs. Finish your project on time and earn your on-time incentives. Fast installation and removal will help you hit your timeline targets.

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What Are Construction Mats?

Construction mats support your machinery on your job site and help provide safe access for your vehicles. They are an important asset to buy or rent for almost any construction project taking place in rough, muddy, or swampy areas. At Select Mat, we commonly provide mats for pipeline projects and T&D, as they are crucial for almost all jobs of this nature.

Other names for construction mats include mud mats, swamp mats, ground mats, pipeline mats, and truck mats. If you want more information on what mats are right for your project, call our experts for a quick quote.

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Composite Mats

Composite mats are made from high-density polyethylene, a.k.a. HDPE. This makes them the most flexible construction mat available and gives them a high rate of reusability. HDPE mats do not rot, crack, or absorb toxins from the environment. Additionally, each composite mat links together so that there are no spaces or gaps between them. This is a massive advantage for both for smooth installation and for providing stable access for your vehicles and machinery.


-Available to Buy or Rent
-For Tracked Equipment and Rubber Tired Vehicles
-36-45 Per Truckload

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Crane Mats

Select Mat sells crane mats to support your cranes and heavy-duty equipment. These wood mats are ultra thick and ideal for tracked equipment. We strongly recommend crane mating for building air bridges over pipeline gaps due to their thickness. Overall, these mats can support any type of machine and can be used in any type of job site.

Crane mat sizes include:


-Available to Buy
-For Tracked Equipment and Rubber Tired Vehicles

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CLT and Laminated Wood Mats

Laminated Mats

Laminated mats are standard wood mats. They are made from 3 layers of hardwood that are nailed or bolted together. Laminated matting is what many people think of when they hear the term “construction mats”. As such they are frequently used for many different types of projects.


-Available to Buy, Rent, or Lease
-For Rubber Tired Vehicles
-15-20 Per Truckload

CLT Mats

CLT is short for “cross-laminated timber”. They are usually made from 3 layers of wood that are held together with industrial-grade adhesive rather than bolts or nails. This feature means that there are no gaps between the wood pieces on the mat. CLTs are a lightweight option among construction mats for sale because they are engineered from pine wood. Due to their lighter weight, they can save you money on freight.


-Available to Buy, Rent, or Lease
-For Rubber Tired Vehicles

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Timber Mats

Timber mats are another heavy duty option among construction mats. They are significantly thicker than laminated or CLT mats. Timber matting is commonly used on pipeline projects. They can be useful for supporting bulldozers and other forms of tracked machinery, so if you have tracked machines that aren’t cranes, then this may be a good option for your project.


-Available to Buy or Rent
-For Tracked Equipment and Rubber Tired Vehicles

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Mat Rental Near Me 

Select Mat offers construction mats for rent throughout the Entire Continental United States. We have provided mat rental for projects in over 17 states. Renting construction mats is a great way to get access installed on your job site for less upfront cost.

Mats available for rent include laminated mats, CLT mats, composite mats, and timber mats. All mats are available for day rates. Call Select Mat today to get a Quick Quote for mud mat rentals. 

In addition to swamp mats rental, Select Mat also offers certain types of matting for lease. Rather than rent construction mats for day rates, leasing allows you to rent mats for an extended period of time for a lower cost per day. Ask our experts about mat leasing to see if this is the right option for you.

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Utility Pole Supplier for T&D 

Select Mat sells wood utility poles for transmission and distribution projects. We telephone poles of every size and treatment, including cedar, pine, and douglas fir. All of our power poles are sold new for quality assurance purposes.

  • 10ft 
  • 16ft 
  • 20ft 
  • 25ft 
  • 40ft 
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Pipe Skids and Pipeline Cones

In addition to construction mats for sale, Select Mat offers pipeline skids and pipeline cones for sale. All of our skids are full sawn for reliable support and predictable freight at 1,148 per truckload.

Pipeline cones are made of composite material. As such they are not at risk of rotting. They are also a lightweight alternative to pipeline skids that can be installed by a single individual. Not only can pipe cones save you hassle on installation, but they can give you significant savings on freight costs.

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Call Select Mat today or fill out our form below to speak to a mud mat expert. We focus on rapid quote turnaround for your convenience so that your crew can have immediate and safe access on your job site.

Be sure to ask about our installation and removal services to save you additional time before and after your project completion. Also ask about the potential savings you could gain from mat rental or leasing. Get a quote now on construction mats for sale so you can start your project immediately. 

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Want More Information on Swamp Mats Rental?

Want to learn more about swamp mats rental or on the different types of construction mats for sale? If you have questions about the best mat mix for your project or want to learn more about our other pipeline and T&D solutions, call Select Mat at 833-203-1515 to speak to our experienced team.

We’ll be happy to help you make an informed decision based on what’s best for you, your budget, and your timeline. You can also check out our blog below for additional information and tips on how to best use your equipment.

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