Road Matting & Pipeline Products

Select Mat is a full-service temporary road mat, pipeline, and T&D solutions provider. 

  • Composite Mats
  • Laminated Mats
  • Timber Mats
  • Crane Mats
  • CLT Mats
  • Pipeline Skids
  • Pipeline Cones
  • Wooden Utility Poles

We work across all construction industries: pipelines, power lines, residential, and commercial.


Fast Installation & Removal

Select Mat provides a personal project manager when we are hired for installation on projects exceeding 1,000 road mats.

Our project managers will come to your location, provide a quick and accurate quote, and ensure proper installation and removal so that your project isn’t delayed.


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Pipeline Skids

We sell fullsawn pipeline skids. We can handle small orders of one truckload all
the way to orders of over 100,000 skids. Pipeline skids are ready to be delivered
throughout the continental United States

Size: 4" x 6" x 4'

Purchase Options: Buy

Skids Per Truck: 1,148

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Wood Poles

Obtaining electric poles that are properly created & treated is an important step
of the process. We supply all traditional sizes and treatments. They are available
to be shipped out.

All Standard Treatments & Sizes Available

Purchase Options: Buy

Common Names: Wood Power Poles, Wood Telephone Poles, Wood Utility Poles

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Composite Mats

Composite mats are stronger and lighter than laminated and CLT mats. They latch
together and have no gaps providing safety and job site benefits. They are great
for both rubber tire and tracked equipment.

Size: 8' x 14"

Purchase Options: Buy, Rent, or Lease

Skids Per Truck
Bolted: 36
Welded: 45

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Laminated Mats

Laminated mats are 3 layers of wood (3-ply), typically hardwood, that are bolted
or nailed together. They are used on projects where heavy equipment cannot
move freely without getting stuck in the mud.

8' x 14'
8' x 16'

Purchase Options: Buy, Lease, or Rent

Skids Per Truck
18-20 for 8' x 14'

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CLT Mats

CLT mats consist of 3 layers of pine held together by strong adhesive. They are
similar in performance to laminated but are lighter and save on freight. They are
best suited for rubber tired machines.

8' x 14'
8' x 16'

Purchase Options: Buy, Lease, or Rent

Common Names: CLT Mats, Mud Mats, Access Mats, Swamp Mats

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Pipeline Cones

Pipeline cones are lightweight, easy to install, and reusable which can save you
money across many projects for years. Their cylindrical shape handles pipe
weight well and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Purchase Options: Buy

Common Names: Pipeline Cones, Pipe Cones, Pipe Stands

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Timber Mats

Timber mats are traditionally used on projects that utilize tracked equipment or
are in muddy areas needing thicker mats. They are commonly used on pipeline
projects and T&D work.

14' x 16' x 8"
4' x 18' x 8"

Purchase Options: Buy or Rent

Skids Per Truck:
18-19 for 14' x 16' x 8"
16-17 for 4' x 18' x 8"

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Crane Mats

Crane mats are the largest and strongest mats available. They are commonly used
to support heavy cranes with their lifts and to bridge over pipelines and low crossings.

4' x 12' x 12" (16 mats/truck)
4' x 16' x 12" (11 mats/truck)
4' x 20' x 12" (9-10 mats/truck)
4' x 24' x 12" (7-8 mats/truck)
4' x 30' x 12" (6 mats/truck)
4' x 40' x 12" (4-5 mats/truck)

Purchase Options: Buy

Common Names: Crane Mats, Bridge Mats, Dragline Matas

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