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    What Are Mud Mats?

    Mud mats are platforms used to create temporary access roads on construction sites. They create access in uneven terrain and swampy areas so that you can move your machinery safely throughout your project site without getting stuck.

    They go by a lot of names, including:

    • Construction mats
    • Swamp mats
    • Access mats
    • Ground mats
    • Road mats

    Mud matting can be made of wood or high-density plastic, and there are different types of mud mats for the various needs of pipeline, T&D work, and other construction projects. Each type varies according to size, thickness, and engineering. 

    Select Mat is a full-service provider of construction mats for pipeline and construction projects. We offer them for sale, rent or lease, and we provide delivery, installation and removal. 

    Swamp Mats for Sale Near Me

    Select Mat serves the entire Continental USA, which means we can meet your construction mat needs wherever you are. We have provide road matting, pipeline solutions, and wood utility poles in all of the following states: TX, AL, IL, KS, LA, MS, MO, NE, NJ, NM, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, VA, and WV.

    There are 5 total types of mud mats, all of which are available for purchase from Select Mat:

    • Composite Mats
    • Laminated Mats
    • CLT Mats
    • Timber Mats
    • Crane Mats

    Below is each type of mat and a description of their qualities and uses. Please keep note that there is little standardization in the matting industry, and that therefore the definitions of these terms can vary depending on the source and region.

    Composite Mats (a.k.a. HDPE Mats)

    AKA poly mats or plastic mats, composite mats have several unique advantages for your job site. 

    Composite mats fit together like puzzle pieces so that there are no gaps in between them. They are also thin, and therefore lightweight, which can save you money on freight, and their flexible material makes them relatively easy to install.

    Additionally, because they’re plastic, composite mats have a high rate of reusability and do not absorb contaminants from the environment. 

    Composites are one of the few mat types that can support both rubber tired vehicles and tracked machinery. However, keep in mind that tracked equipment can dent these mats.

    Laminated Mats

    Laminated mats are standard-issue wood mats made from three layers of bolted or nailed rough-cut wood. They are the simplest mud mat in terms of their engineering. They are useful for supporting rubber-tired vehicles, but they should not be used to support tracked machines.

    CLT Mats

    CLT stands for “cross-laminated timber”. They can come in 3-5 layers although they most commonly come in 3 layers like laminated matting. Rather than being bolted together like laminated mats, CLT layers are glued together with a high-pressure adhesive, creating fewer gaps in the mat. 

    Another difference between CLT and laminated is that CLT matting is usually made of wood such as pine, making them lighter weight. This can save you money on freight costs, though it can also make the mat less durable. 

    CLT mats can support vehicles with rubber tires, but any CLT with less than 5 layers should not be used to support tracked machines.

    Timber Mats

    Timber mats are thick pieces of timber, bolted together by steel. They are significantly thicker than CLT or laminated matting, and therefore stronger. As a result, timber mats can support tracked machines, in addition to being able to support rubber-tired vehicles. 

    Additionally, timber mats can sometimes cover a larger surface area than crane mats, so they can help you cover some extra ground if you don’t need something quite as heavy duty.

    Crane Mats

    The crane mat is the most versatile mud mat of all because it’s the thickest. It’s the go-to for supporting cranes, bulldozers, and other machines with tracks. Crane mats are also the only mat we trust for building an air bridge over a pipeline

    Wood Mats vs HDPE Mats

    There are two main classifications of mud mats: wood mats and plastic mats, a.k.a composite mats.  

    Wood mats have been around the longest. As a result, they’re the most recognized. They vary depending on their thickness, length, width, engineering, and the type of wood they are built from. 

    Composite mats are made of high-density polyethylene plastic, a.k.a. HDPE. Therefore, people sometimes call them poly mats or HDPE mats.

    Wood Mat Products: 

    • Laminated Mats
    • CLT Mats
    • Timber Mats
    • Crane Mats

    Plastic Mat Products:

    • Composite Mats, a.k.a Poly Mats, HDPE mats, Plastic Road Mats

    Rent Mud Mats

    Select Mat offers all types of road mats for rent, with the exception of crane mats.

    Available for Rent:

    • Composite Mats
    • Laminated Mats
    • CLT Mats
    • Timber Mats

    Lease Mats For Additional Savings

    With Select Mat, you can lease certain mats for a set term rather than rent them month-to-month. This can save you money over time. 

    Available for Lease:

    • Laminated Mats
    • CLT Mats

    Mud Mat Installation & Removal

    Insufficient installation can be very costly. This is especially true if you apply the wrong matting to each access point on your site. This can lead to slow movement, stuck machinery, and broken mats. 

    Moreover, you can damage the environment, which can lead to expensive fines. Worst of all, poor access installation can lead to death or serious injury.

    Therefore it’s important to properly install your road mats. 

    If you’re interested in saving time and money installing your road mats, call Select Mat at Select Mat is a highly experienced construction mat installation and removal expert. 

    Personal Project Manager for Fast Installation

    Select Mat is unique in our industry for providing a personal project manager. Having this experienced matting expert on your job site will ensure that your mats are installed in the safest and most efficient way possible, with the best combination of mud mat products for your needs. Not only that, but they can save you massive amounts of valuable time by speeding up your installation and removal.  

    Our project managers have helped dozens of pipeline and T&D projects avoid delay costs such as hotels, overtime, penalties for project delays, and missed incentives.

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