Fast Swamp Mat Installation and Removal

Fast swamp mat installation is a key component of Select Mat’s customer service. Our team focuses on providing quick quotes for your construction project, whether it’s pipeline work, transmission and distribution, or development. Not only that, but we provide personal project managers on our installation jobs to ensure fast access mat installation and removal.

Quick Quotes

We understand how costly delays can be to your company. That’s why Select Mat will help you hit your incentives, avoid penalties, and reduce overtime expenses from the outset by providing fast, fair, and detailed quotes on your total swamp mat installation and removal costs. 

Our team has a reputation for having the fastest quote response time in Texas. If you need an access mat quick quote, click here.

Project Managers for Fast Swamp Mat Installation

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Select Mat as your road matting provider is that we provide a personal project manager for all projects exceeding 1,000 access mats when we are hired for installation.

You can save several days’ worth upfront in delay costs by having a project manager exclusively focused on proper swamp mat installation. The savings compound at the end of your project when fast cleanup is essential to getting your incentives and avoiding extra costs like hotels, overtime pay, and penalties. Your project manager will ensure that your mats will be removed swiftly, efficiently, and safely. This will allow you to focus on finishing the other aspects of your construction job.

Defining “Swamp Mats”

The term “swamp mat” is a common nickname for a temporary road mat used for creating safe and stable ground for moving construction machinery across job sites. Swamp mats get their nickname because construction, pipeline, and T&D work often requires installing temporary roads over wetlands or uneven terrain. They’re also called road mats, access mats, or mud mats.

Swamp mats are often made of wood. These include crane mats (also called bridge mats), timber mats, laminated, and CLT. However, some types of swamp matting are made of high-density polyethylene for increased flexibility and weather resistance. These are called composite mats, and they are very, very useful.

Swamp Mats for Purchase, Rent, or Lease

Select Mat provides a full-scale selection of road matting products and solutions. Our products are available to rent or buy. Moreover, if you are an access mat provider and are looking to lease some of our inventory, we are more than open to discussing that with you.

The swamp mats we carry include:

Which Road Matting Solution is Best for You?

There are specific factors you must consider when selecting the types of swamp mats you’ll need for your job. 

Lighter Weight 

Generally speaking, the lighter the matting weight is, the less you will have to spend on freight costs. Moreover, lightweight mats are somewhat easier to install than heavier mats, though this is not always the case. Composite, CLT, and laminated mats are on the lighter side.

Ease of Installation

Another factor that affects the ease of installation is the flexibility of the mats. All swamp mats we provide are made of wood except for our composite mats, which are much more flexible due to their plastic composition. 

Rubber-Tired Vs Tracked Equipment

The best swamp matting for your job will also heavily depend on the type of machinery you’re using. Specifically, tracked equipment generally requires thicker and more durable matting. 

Crane and timber mats work well for tracked equipment, while CLT and laminated mats are more ideal for machines with rubber tires. Composite mats work well with both types of vehicles. 

Additional Products for Pipeline & T&D Projects

We also provide pipeline and T&D solutions for purchase only:

Select Mat is a Nationwide Matting Provider

Select Mat provides temporary road matting products, installation and removal to the whole Continental United States

Currently we have served projects in 17 states, including Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and of course Texas (where we are based).

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