Road Mat Rental vs Leasing

You need to create a safe, stable and maneuverable environment for your construction crew, and Select Mat is here to help you with that. Select Mat offers pipeline and T&D solutions and construction necessities. These include pipeline cones, pipeline skids, wooden utility poles, and road mat installation and removal. In addition to selling mats, we offer road mat rental and leasing, which can be extremely cost-effective for your construction projects. 

This post will detail road mats, the differences between renting and leasing, variations of mats, products and services we offer, and the ideal matting options for your construction site. We will also introduce our company, our mission, and what we can do to assist your project.

What Are Road Mats?

Road mats, also known as mud mats, provide stable and safe roads for vehicles and equipment on construction sites, where there is uneven terrain such as muddy, sandy, or swampy land.

Mud mats are especially useful for construction and pipeline projects as these jobs often occur in unstable areas. The mats we offer are useful for navigating around these sites safely, while also preserving the ecosystem in the surrounding area.

Road matting is often made out of wood. For instance, crane mats, timber mats, laminated mats, and CLT (a.k.a. cross-laminated timber mats) are all types of wood matting. An alternative option to wood mats is composite mats, which are made out of a high-density polyethylene. This material is flexible, has a high percentage of recovery after a job, and is easy to configure.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Mats

Renting mats can be beneficial for your site because it provides a budget friendly option over purchasing mats. You also don’t have to worry about storing mats post-job.

There are, however, a couple of disadvantages to renting. You may have to replace mats that get permanently damaged, which can definitely happen when dealing with tracked equipment. You could also lose money in the long run with multiple projects compared with owning and reusing your own mat inventory.

Lease Mats For Additional Savings

We offer leasing as another alternative to renting so that you can save additional money on your road matting. 

With road mat leasing, there’s a lower fee per mat in exchange for upfront time commitment. The leasing flat rate includes the entirety of the rental period and freight both ways. You can pay upfront or within 30 days of the mat delivery.

Our company also offers leasing to other mud mat providers. If you’re a fellow matting company, contact Select Mat for more details. 

Road Mat Rental Options

We offer a selection of wood and composite mats for your road matting needs. Whether you choose to purchase or take advantage of road mat rental, we have a diverse inventory for you:

  • Composite Mats (buy, rent)
  • Laminated Mats (buy, rent, lease)
  • CLT Mats (buy, rent, lease)
  • Timber Mats (buy, rent)
  • Crane Mats (buy)

Determining a Mud Matting Solution For You

When selecting a road matting option for your site, there are a few factors to consider:

Air Bridges

If you need air bridges on your construction site, crane mats are often the best option. Crane mats are 12 inches thick and work well with cranes as well as heavy and tracked equipment in general.

Tracked Vs Rubber-Tired Vehicles

For tracked vehicles, crane mats and timber mats are often ideal. These are heavy duty wood mats that offer tough, durable support for tracked machines. 

As for rubber-tired vehicles, CLT mats and laminated mats are excellent choices. CLT and laminated mats are both made out of wood and are light-weight, which can help with installation.

Then there’s composite mats, which are made out of a dense poly plastic and can work effectively for both tracked and rubber-tired vehicles. 

Light Weight

CLT, laminated, and composite mats are significantly lighter than other matting options, which can reduce your freight costs. It can also make them easier to install, and this is especially true of composite matting. On top of that, composite mats are durable in extreme weather conditions, less of a tripping hazard, non-absorbent, have no gaps in between them, and have a high rate of recovery after a job. 

Select Mat Provides Speedy Road Matting Solutions

Select Mat is a road matting provider, offering removal and installation services. We are based in Texas and service over 17 states across the Continental U.S., including Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Louisiana. We’re focused on giving honest and efficient service with fast installation and removal so that you can hit your construction incentives and avoid delay costs like hotel pay and penalties. 

Project Managers For Quick Road Matting Installation

Select Mat not only supplies a wide selection of mud mats, but we also provide a personal project manager for projects that exceed 1,000 mats when we’re hired for installation.

Your project manager will quickly and efficiently install road mats on your site. In addition, your project manager will give a clear assessment of your matting necessities, potential costs, and assist with road matting removal.

Fast Quotes

We strive to save you time, money, and resources by issuing quick quotes. Our customers have praised us for our customer service and quote speed.

Products for Pipeline and T&D 

Select Mat also offers pipeline and T&D solutions for purchase only:

  • Pipeline Cones
  • Pipeline Skids
  • Wooden Utility Poles

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