5 Types of Road Mats for Pipeline and T&D Projects

Road mats provide stable and safe roads for workers and vehicles on construction sites, especially sites that are muddy, sandy, or swampy. We know that pipeline and T&D work requires a safe environment for workers, which is why we offer several types of road mats, including CLT mats, laminated mats, crane mats, timber mats, and composite mats. 

Generally, when people think about mats, wood mats come to mind. While we provide a variety of wood mats, we also carry the latest alternative option: composite mats.

This post will detail 5 types of road matting that our company provides for sale, rent, and lease.

The 5 Types of Road Mats

Road mats (a.k.a. mud mats or swamp mats) can include thick wood mats or poly mats.

1. CLT Mats

CLT mats (cross-laminated timber mats) are layers of wood placed on top of each other. These mud mats are sealed together with adhesive. CLT mats are light-weight, durable, and easy to install.

2. Laminated Mats

Similar to CLT mats, laminated mats are made of wood, specifically three layers of wood cross-tied. They are typically bolted or nailed down. The gaps in between the layers allow laminated mats to be flexible, but still maintain a strong foundation.

3. Crane Mats

Crane mats are 12 inches thick and are the most heavy duty road mats that we provide. This type of heavy equipment mat works well with air bridges, pipes, hefty vehicles, and cranes.

4. Timber Mats

Timber mats are held together by metal rods and are generally 18 inches long. They provide stability beneath heavy equipment and tend to be longer-lasting than laminated mats.

5. Composite Mats

Composite mats are one of our most popular products, and for good reason. They are dense poly-eth and light, which makes them easy to maneuver on the job site, durable in harsh weather conditions, and reusable. These road mats are also the most flexible and do not absorb moisture or contaminants.

What’s The Best Road Mat Option?

Each type of road mat could fall under one of two categories: wood mats or composite mats (made from a high-density plastic called polyethylene).

Wood Mats

Wooden mats like crane mats and timber mats work well for protecting pipes and driving heavy vehicles. This makes them popular for pipeline construction projects. If you have tracked equipment on your site, heavy-duty wood mats around 8-12 inches are ideal.

We are aware that each company has their own requirements on air bridges. Let us know how thick you want your wood and the width and height of your gaps so that we can accommodate your air bridge requirements.

Composite Mats

Composite mats are a newer product and are a great alternative to wood mats. These mud mats are flood damage-resistant, long-lasting, and smooth to drive across. Because composite mats are made out of a very dense poly plastic, they don’t absorb chemicals. This makes it the preferred road mat for O&G and petrochemical facilities, as well as T&D work.

If you use rubber-tired equipment on your site, you should consider using composite mats. However, keep in mind that tracked equipment isn’t ideal for composite mats because they can dent the mats with their spikes.

An added bonus: Composite mats are aesthetically pleasing. Private ranches and farms don’t want an ugly site. In fact, one of our customers even asked us to leave some composites behind at the end of the job. His exact words were, “If they go missing, I promise it wasn’t me!” 

About Select Mat

Select Mat is a quick and collaborative road mats provider, specializing in services such as installation, transportation, and removal. Our team ensures that the process is accurate, fast, and a walk in the park. Based in Texas, we have serviced over 18 states and are committed to saving construction projects time and money.

Speedy Installation For Road Mats

Select Mat accommodates customers by offering a personalized project manager for orders of 1,000 or more road mats when we are hired for installation. With their expertise in road matting and installation, your project manager will save you time with installation precision and give a concrete assessment of your matting needs and potential costs. 

Road Matting, Pipeline, and T&D Products

Select Mat offers a wide selection of mud mats and pipeline construction materials to rent or buy:

  • Laminated mats
  • CLT mats
  • Timber mats
  • Crane mats
  • Composite mats
  • Pipeline cones
  • Pipeline skids
  • Wood poles

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