Should You Use 8 Inch Or 12 Inch Crane Mats When A Project Requires You To Stack Mats?

When a project requires crane mats to be stacked 2 or more high, most companies choose to use 12 inch mats. They think they will save money since it will take less mats to reach the required height. But does this save them money?

When mills acquire or harvest trees, there are a lot less trees thick enough to cut wood for a 12 inch mat than an 8 inch mat. Due to this, the thicker wood generally goes for a premium price. This is why 12 inch mats are more expensive.

In most cases, you can save around 20% using 8 inch mats instead of using 12 inch mats when you need to stack mats to 24 inches or higher.  Although you will need more mats, it can save you a sizable amount of money when ordering large quantities of mats for a project.

If you want to see how much money you can save using 8 inch mats instead of 12 inch mats, give us a call on your next project and we will run the numbers for you.