Matting Spring Projects

Springtime brings on new challenges for construction projects. The rains come through and can cause increased expenses, added work, and delays to the project. This is why it is important to figure in the costs of mats to for any project.

There are three key areas for mats:

  1. Staging
  2. Access
  3. Critical lifts

Staging area(s)

Staging areas can be troublesome spots when the ground gets wet. The equipment can get muddy or stuck, materials can get ruined, and time is wasted cleaning. Matting the staging area can also protect materials and equipment from running water as the mats sit higher than ground level.

Access Paths

A storm can make the ground too muddy to move equipment in and out. Often times, the ground may seem stable enough as you move trucks in and out but can quickly become compromised when heavier equipment is moved in. Matting the entire pathway may seem expensive, but it just takes one day of work getting ruined to exceed the cost of mats. Many projects can get by matting just the high risk areas.

Critical Lift Areas

Mats are wise to use anytime a critical lift is occuring on dirt or mud. All it takes is the ground compromising in one spot to cause serious damage or injury. If rain occurs, it can take over a week before the ground is ready to hold the lift.

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