Save Money Supplementing 8” Eucalyptus Mats for 12” Hardwood Mats

Freight can quickly increase your matting expenses when 12” mats are required on a job. Many projects will use 50-200+ 12” mats when crawler cranes are being utilized. Only 9 mats this size can legally be hauled on a flatbed truck without exceeding the 48,000 lbs limit. This can greatly increase your overall costs on using mats.

8” eucalyptus mats are a great alternative to using 12 inch hardwood mats. Eucalyptus should equal or surpass any expectation you have for an oak mat, but it is much lighter. We have found on many jobs you can save money by double stacking 8” eucalyptus mats when you need 12” mats stacked one high, and stacking 8” mats three high when you need 12” mats stacked two high.

Depending on the water level of the eucalyptus wood, you can generally get 22-27 mats on a truck. Eucalyptus drops weight quickly after being cut and gets stronger as the water leaves the wood. Whether you are purchasing or renting, freight quickly can make eucalyptus a cheaper option. For example, for a one month rental where multiple truckloads of 12” mats are needed, it usually is cheaper to rent 8” eucalyptus mats when freight exceeds $800 a truck if the 12” mats would be stacked one high on the job site. For job sites where you need 12” mats stacked two high, it is usually cheaper to use 8” eucalyptus mats when freight exceeds $600 a truck.

When purchasing, it is usually cheaper to buy 8” eucalyptus mats than 12” hardwood mats when using them for multiple projects. 

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