Estimate Composite Mats for Your Jobsite

Composite Mats Stacked

We often get asked to help calculate how many composite mats a customer will need. It can be confusing as the full dimension of the mat is not used to estimate the total amount of mats needed. Composite mats overlap so that you can interlock them. Due to this, you lose a foot in distance on the dimension. For example, a composite mat that is 7.5’x14’ will have a working dimension of 6.5’x13’. If you need to mat a distance of 1000’ then you would divide 1000 by 6.5 for a total of 154 mats needed to cover the 1000’.

Here is the key for estimating composite mat jobs. For the following mats, use the below dimensions for your estimates.

  • Signature’s Megadeck composite mat: 7.5’x14’ estimating dimensions: 6.5’x13’
  • Newpark’s Durabase composite mat: 8’x14’ Estimating dimensions: 7’x13’
  • Spartan’s System 7 composite mat: 8’x14’ Estimating dimensions: 7’x13’

 If you need assistance estimating how many composite mats you will need or if you just want someone else to confirm your estimated quantity, contact the Select Mat team at 833-203-1515 or email