How To Get The Best Rate On Crane Mats And Laminated Mats

When companies request quotes, they often do not know the proper way to evaluate if they are getting the best price. To most, purchasing crane mats and laminated mats seems straightforward. You call different companies, request quotes, and go with the lowest price. However, they do not always realize they are not choosing the lowest price.

Many mat companies will service a region, but their yards will be in different locations in the region. Due to this, it is not wise to go with a company just because they have the lowest mat price. To make the best decision, you need to request for the delivery cost to be included in the mat price. For example, one company may offer mats for $470 and another for $510. The $470 price sounds less expensive but the mats are coming from 300 miles away, whereas the mats that cost $510 are coming from 10 miles away. When freight is included into both companies prices, the company whose mats cost $510 will likely be the cheaper option since the freight will be much lower. Examples like this are why you need to always ask for the freight to be included in the cost of the mat if you want to get the best deal.

Including the Cost of Freight

When asking for a company to include the cost of freight, it is good to keep in mind that freight does not increase or decrease whether you purchase one mat or a full truckload. Depending on how many mats you order, it will cause the per mat delivered price to fluctuate. For example, let’s say a company purchases 4’x18’x8” crane mats for $500 each. A truck can hold 16 mats that size. If the freight to the destination costs $1000, then your delivered price for an order of 16 mats would be $562.50 per mat. If they ordered 8 mats, their per mat delivered price would be $625 per mat. You always get the lowest cost on a mat by ordering a full truckload.

So to summarize, next time you order mats request a per mat price that includes delivery. When possible, order full truckloads to get the lowest total cost per mat. Even if you don’t need a full truckload, go ahead and order one if you can use the extra mats on another upcoming project. It will cut down your costs on both projects.

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